About us

 Rolling up is a recording studio staple. Custom rolling papers designed by Chop Records made perfect sense. Chop Rolling Papers began out of necessity in Brooklyn, NY in 2018. Chop Records needed a product that we could take to Tokyo, Japan that would give our Japanese fans a real glimpse into our creative process. We wanted them to experience the music the way we create it.

Chop’s are made in Europe with Organic Vegetable Fibers only. Every pack is designed in-house by the Chop Rolling Papers team.

Using the entertainment industry as a spring board, Chop Rolling Papers specializes in collaborating with brands and artists. Since 2018, Chop has put out over 8 designs and collaborations. We have collaborated with Hotel 97 in SoHo, NY, The Crib in Brooklyn, NY & Ludlow Coffee Supply in LES, NY.

We currently have Chop Rolling Papers in over 10 retail locations in WA, CA, AZ, NYC & PA.